Friday, September 3, 2010

Interview on Notebook Writer with Mike Marcellino

Access the link below to listen to an interview with Mike Marcellino of Notebook Writer (Red River Writers). My set begins at 8:35, where I read the following poems: "Jesus, My Suitor," "Studio," "Kentucky Derby Poem (2008)," "Horror Flicks, or Poem Beginning with a Line by Auden," "Poem with Oceanic Variables," "God Poem," "The Letter (1940)," and "My Soul Went to Hastings, and All I Got Was This Lousy Crack Pipe" :

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  1. Lovely to find you in the blogosphere! I noticed in the write-up for this interview that you'll be reading in China next April - how cool is that?! Thanks for including me in your list of "fearless poets" - I will try to live up to it. Remember to come visit us in Seattle...